Composting Services

We provide the Pittsburgh area with residential and commercial solutions for diverting organic material from landfills, with a variety of plans to fit your needs!  You will receive instructions on what can be composted, an optional one-on-one or group consultation, and access to unlimited remote customer service to help you make the biggest impact possible.  We provide the containers and pickup on your chosen schedule, replacing your bucket with a fresh one each time!  You tell us where your bucket will be located and we’ll take it from there - no hauling to the curb!  It’s even easier than taking out your garbage and you’ll have less garbage to lug to the street because you’ve chosen to divert your organic material from the landfill!  Furthermore, we will report to you what you divert in pounds and what that means in terms of reducing methane emissions!  


We conduct various workshops on composting and vermicomposting.  We work with groups and individuals.


Are you living your best green life?  Let Worm Return help!  We consult on all things green.  From Reducing - to Reusing - to Recycling - we can even help you Reimagine small daily habits that will produce big Results! 

*All consultations and workshops can be socially-distanced or virtual.